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Our Green Initiative

Carpet RecyclingYonan Carpet One is pleased to provide our clients with carpet recycling services. Our carpet recycling service keeps your old carpet out of landfills, allowing it to be converted into raw materials used in the manufacturing of everyday consumer products.

Once you schedule your new carpet installation, Yonan will take care of the rest. After installing your new carpet, your old carpet will be hauled off to our recycling center in Addison, IL.

Did you know?

  • Americans throw away enough carpet to fill Chicago’s Soldier Field well over 1,000 times each year.
  • If you recycle just 100 yards of carpet you will save 1.1 cubic yards of landfill space, keep 937.5 lbs of CO2 out of the atmosphere, and save 570 gallons of water.
  • For every 10 million pounds of carpet recycled, 50,000 cubic yards of landfill space are saved.
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